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Write Your Project Detail

We’ll come to the location provided and complete your project. Please make sure your location is 5 to 10 miles radius from 60618.

And payment needs to be made upfront for your service request.


You simply have to book your date & time you would like us to do your project, then write out the project in detail (how big is the project, the location has to be within 5-10 miles radius from 60618) and we do them at the time requested.

We have different size of projects prices depending on your need. You pay upfront online with a Credit or Debit card for the hour or the project you will need to be completed.

You can rest assured that contracted with us is safe. We use the most up to date security systems and encryption software to ensure your personal details such as name, address and bank details are kept safe and secure.

Unfortunately, once you have placed your request it is not possible to amend any details, our pro handyman receives the request directly and will have already be scheduled for the job.

Yes absolutely, we only charge $25 per hour if it is before 48 hours and the full amount if it is less than 24 hours 

Why Choose Us?


We are a consistent, reliable, and affordable handyman service company. Guarantee services, a professional handyman with many years of experience. For that reason, you don’t struggle with a project for days, while it can be done in a few hours. No need to mess up anymore while you’re trying to do it alone. Remain guaranteed it will be done correctly and professionally

Safe & Secure

Stay at home & remain safe. Let us come get your project done while you are sitting and relaxing

Easy Booking

Use our online booking system to send us your project detail and pay online.

Low Cost

We make our rates as competitive as possible, to ensure you have a reliable and affordable service.

Here Is What Customers say About Our Pro-Handyman In Chicago

If I could have given Widlet 10 stars, I would have. He arrived on time with all the proper tools in hand. He assembled our full over full bunk bed efficiently and as to the specified instructions! His professionalism is commendable! Thank you!!!
Residential Services
Catherine D.
He did a great job assembling my bed. He gets the job done in a timely manner. Also very friendly!
Charles T.
Widlet did a phenomenal job fixing my bi-fold closet doors. He was very kind, and I'm looking forward to working with him again.
Deborah L.
Widlet was quick and efficient helping to install 3 floating shelves and a window shade. He was even a few minutes early! Would definitely recommend him and call him again for other tasks around my home.
Frank G.
Widlet is outstanding! He put my dresser together in under 2 hours. He even went above & beyond to put on the special knobs I bought!
Ceiling Lights
Caroline B.
Great job! He was willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect! I would definitely do this again!
Santeria J.
Widlet's was on time, very professional, and friendly. His work on my tv stand was awesome, it was put together in less than an hour...
Lisa A

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